We started experimenting with Friday pick ups largely because it afforded the Bird's Nest team a little better work/life balance. This way, our entire weekends are not spent working. This allows us time to get to kids sporting events, see family and just decompress (we enjoy what we do, but it is exhausting!).

Our experiment turned into a regularly scheduled thing. We did not see a decrease in bidding activity, both in terms of the number of people participating and the overall sale value. We would not do Friday pick ups if it had a negative effect on the bottom line for our clients.

What you may not know is that we see the same number of scheduling issues with bidders regardless of the pick up day. We have people who reach out to us because they have plans for Saturday or Sunday, too, so there truly is no perfect pick up day.

If you see something you really want and can't make the pick up, whether it's a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we offer shipping and transfer options, which you can read more about here. If that's not an option, there will be other sales for sure!