This is the most asked question we get! We are only at the property during the hours specified. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure they are able to get there during those times. If not, we ask you to kindly refrain from bidding in that particular auction. Not all auctions will have a pick up time that aligns with everyone's schedule, and it is not our responsibility to ensure that it does. We also are not responsible for funerals, car breakdowns or illness. Our staff members work hard and have busy lives - we are not available to stay late to wait for you, and we do not ask our clients to meet people for late pick ups. 

You can request that items be shipped or transferred. If you are contacting us the day of the pick up, please understand that we are very busy, and may not be able to get to your message right away. Shipping and transfers are subject to fees and available space in the auction manager's vehicle. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate same-day requests.  

Once the pick up window closes, items are considered forfeited without refund. If you contact us after this point, we cannot retrieve your items and we are not able to schedule another pick up time. 

You are more than welcome to send someone else to pick up items on your behalf, provided it is during the scheduled pick up hours. We highly recommend having a back up plan in place if you are someone that has a lot of things come up last minute.